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Messed up.. big time!

September 7, 2009

Dear God

This is an open letter (as obvious). I have a lot of grievances, a lot of them. Help me get rid of them, as I see no solution to them. I spent ages asking you to rid me of them, yet you keep my requests, my pleadings aside to reward me later. Just rid me of my grievances. I have held on for so long.. I cannot anymore. I am too fragile and brittle now. I have to be handled with care. People avoid me because I have volatile mood swings. My temperament goes beyond my control.

Most of the time, I walk around feeling empty inside. I am a hollow being. If I knock on my chest, I can hear the echo of my knock. So, tell me God, when do you plan to rid me of my emptiness? Do it soon, okay? Because you see it hurts to live an empty life. Where and how I feel this hurt is beyond me as I told you I am empty inside!!:P

Anyway, I am waiting. Patiently.!!

Your servant