Messed up.. big time!

September 7, 2009

Dear God

This is an open letter (as obvious). I have a lot of grievances, a lot of them. Help me get rid of them, as I see no solution to them. I spent ages asking you to rid me of them, yet you keep my requests, my pleadings aside to reward me later. Just rid me of my grievances. I have held on for so long.. I cannot anymore. I am too fragile and brittle now. I have to be handled with care. People avoid me because I have volatile mood swings. My temperament goes beyond my control.

Most of the time, I walk around feeling empty inside. I am a hollow being. If I knock on my chest, I can hear the echo of my knock. So, tell me God, when do you plan to rid me of my emptiness? Do it soon, okay? Because you see it hurts to live an empty life. Where and how I feel this hurt is beyond me as I told you I am empty inside!!:P

Anyway, I am waiting. Patiently.!!

Your servant


Think Twice Before You Speak

September 7, 2009

Many of us do not think before speaking our minds. We don’t see the place, who we are talking to, or what we are saying. Yap, yap, yap, speak our mind and when depleted of energy, spent, we look around and realize we spoke out of turn or at the wrong place.

Apart from embarrassement, we have to face the resulting consequences. Sometimes, a situation becomes worse than before, most of the times, a new complication arises. We should be aware of what we say at all times. We should hold ourselves accountable for every spoken word. We will be questioned on the Day of Judgement about every thing we spoke, whom we spoke to, with what intention, did we consider the listener’s feelings as a result of our words.

Our tongue is one of the things of our body we should keep in check at all times. It’s a very slippery thing which if not held in check causes more harm than help. Also, our behaviour with our family, relatives, extended family matters more than our comfort. But, this is easier said than done. Hardly anybody follows this in their lives.  Selfishness is all the rage. 

There is a saying which goes: If you want to change the world, change yourself. But how long can one person hold on against discontent, displeasure and antagonism? We are, after all, human and subject to human follies of jealousy, envy and the biggest enemy, anger. Many a times, a wrong interpretation of an innocent situation leads to damaging arguments. The more the one argues, the more the hostilities increase and the deader the heart becomes. Ultimately, there comes a time, when there is no more left of the relationship.For want of a shoe, a kingdom was lost. People forget the reasons behind the fights but continue harboring hostilities.

Before jumping to conclusions, people should learn to pause and take a moment. They shouldn’t be hasty in blaming anyone before learning about the actual situation.

Don’t be Thankless

September 5, 2009

God sends people in our lives with a purpose. When the purpose is over, people once near and dear to you seem burdensome or lose their importance.

Some people don’t believe in boundaries among friends and if they interact with those who do believe in boundaries, it is volcanic situation which can erupt anytime. There are regular fights, insecurities, resentment, and eventually the friendship is affected so badly that it is reduced to mere acquaintanceship.  Even facing each other becomes a matter of  reluctance. Conversation reduces to mono-syllables and eventually leads to distance. The distance widens the gap between the former “friends” and they move on with life and thereby a great “friendship” is laid to rest in peace.

There are some people who, when given what their heart desires, do not realize that they are already blessed with it. They remain thankless and find faults with their current situations and friends. They complain perpetually and end up losing all they had. Then their eyes open and they discover what they had was so much better.

If we don’t thank God, we lose what we have. A common story that is popular among some circles goes this way: a beggar had a bowl in his hand, he went around hoping to collect some coins, but continuously complained of his state. A passerby told him not to complain so much and thank the good Lord for his bounties. The beggar replied that God had given him no bounties. Their upon, the bowl in his hand falls to the ground and breaks into pieces.

The moral: don’t be thankless.